If the world’s warning systems were ideal, we’d hear less often the phrase: “I wasn’t warned.”

This site will discuss all elements of warning systems which build on existing knowledge; take advantage of developments and concepts; and make warnings more effective.

It is aimed at broad, public, natural and man-made hazard warnings systems, not those for single use, like we have on the dashboard of cars when the brakes fail.

Over time I have come to believe that a warning system needs to be based on the following principles: independence, integration, comprehensiveness, resilience, accessibility, localness, and warnings need to be personal.

This site might help build better definitions and principles, or change this thinking. I hope so.

Please contribute, but be careful with your language, and make no judgements about other ideas – they come from different experiences, different cultures and circumstances, and we need to give everyone space for their opinion. Acknowledge in the usual way if you are using other people’s work, and if you want something lengthy loaded on the site, email me.